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A Moment of Toilet Humour

by Christina

I went for a walk around Beckenham Crematorium the other day to stretch my legs. It was cold and windy and muddy and December. I hadn’t been to BC, which sits around the corner from the house where I grew up, for several years. I remember going there as a child with my Dad and his Dad. My Grandpa was an avid cricket fan, and he wanted to visit the grave of WG Grace.

But back to the present. Imagine my surprise, as I strolled along the beaten track between the haphazard, long neglected graves, to find a name now immortalised in common slang jumping out at me.



Thomas Crapper, inventor of, among other things, the ballcock.

Well, it made me laugh.

To finish off, here is a picture my Dad managed to dredge up, of him and my brother at Beckenham Crematorium in 1992, next to the grave of the man who saved Winchester Cathedral from sinking.


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