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A Touch of Class In Hampstead Cemetery

Cemetery Club

Hampstead Intro

After a short walk from West Hampstead tube and cutting through Fortune Green, my first experience of this garden of the dead was through a narrow alleyway, I was then presented with a choice: left or right. The alleyway splits the cemetery in two, so I had to choose carefully…

Hampstead Cemetery has always been the preserve of the rich and famous, catering for the prosperous locals that have and continue to live in the surrounding area. From the stories I’ve found within it over the years this does reflect on the histories I’ve found – tales of minority histories or those of the lower classes are harder to find.


Hampstead is the first Cemetery I’ve been to which *feels* like it did back in its Victorian heyday. Opened in 1876 as one of the new wave of burial places after the likes of Brompton and Nunhead, and with Joseph…

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