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It’s Christmas in Heaven

by Sheldon

And so closes another year. A year that seems to have robbed us of more heroes and icons than usual. Our post detailing the loss of Bowie, it seems, was a warning call for 2016 – Prince, Muhammed Ali, Gene Wilder – all people who have massively influenced culture in the past few decades, whose legacies our children can only experience through Youtube and the history books.


Taken from the Illustrated London News, 1881 – ‘God’s Acre’, a term we got from Germany, showing a family decorating a tree atop a Child’s grave. 

One thing I’ve been keeping an eye on through my Cemetery travels is how people remember their loved ones at Christmas – and how, even months later, those same wreaths, bows and flowers still adorn a grave, long after the chill of winter has given way to the warmth of Summer. My family is no exception to this rule – presents are exchanged, flowers are laid, thoughts go back to Christmas past when my Nan wented my cousin Sian’s Barbie quite badly, because it was dressed all in pink – In the middle of September it is not uncommon to see a festive reminder amongst the stones.

Below is a collection of images I’ve collected over the year where Christmas seems to be very much alive by the time June, July and August come around. Have you seen any other examples of this? Share your photos!


I wish all the readers of Cemetery Club a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  The Blog shall be taking a bit of a time out after the festive period so I can focus on other projects for a while – never fear, we’ll be back refreshed, recharged and uncovering more stories beneath the stones in 2017.

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