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Meet the (Real) Eastenders

by Sheldon

This Saturday, let us take you on trip back in time (without a TARDIS, sadly) to the East-End.

This isn’t the East End of coffee shops, vintage stores and cereal cafes. This is the East End where war heroes lived above shops, mourning achievements of yesteryear, where philanthropists makes it their life mission to improve the living conditions of countless children and the medic who was to uncover what Jack the Ripper did to what we now understand to be his first victim.


Meeting at the War Memorial in Tower Hamlets Cemetery (nearest tube, Mile End on the Central and District Lines) at 11am, let us bring this blog to life with tales of animal importers, the owner of the Cutty Sark and a music hall legend who’s star has long since dimmed.

Led by myself and Sam Perrin, who guided around Highgate Cemetery for twelve years – we’ll personally introduce you to a bunch of characters that make the ones that appear in soap on BBC One look tame.

Book your tickets here, it will be great to see you! (We’ll also be going for an after tour drink in the Rusty Bike, do feel free to come along!)


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