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Murder, War & Gore: A Trip to the Long-Gone East End

by Sheldon


© AFP 2015

Ticket alert! In two weeks time we’ll be kicking off our touring schedule for 2016 with our highly popular tour of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park!

Opened as the last of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ Cemeteries in 1841; Tower Hamlets wasn’t quite the success its shareholders had hoped for – the rich flocked to West Norwood and highgate but because of the areas high social mobility and poverty from being close to the docks, the grandeur it was supposed to have wasn’t feasible and within a few years over 80% of its burials were in common graves.

The sheer volume of people buried here brought but criticism at the time – barely forty years after its opening people were calling for its closure as the Cemetery was becoming overgrown, mismanaged and crammed with the dead – a problem that it was created in response to, ironically.


AFP 2015

Come and hear the tale of some long gone Eastenders – some of which were forgotten to the staff too until the wonderful British Newspaper Archive revealed some more notable figures – hear the tragic tale of little Eileen Lockhart, the blood-thirsty revenge of Major Buckley at Delhi and the supposed remains of the executed from Newgate Prison!

Here are some testimonials from happy customers…

‘I have always loved being told stories, and discovering stories to share with others – and Sheldon is an excellent storyteller. As we followed Sheldon through the woodland, skipping between decades, it felt like we were travelling through time’ – Rachel Belward

We enjoyed a great tour around Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park with Sheldon. He was engaging, well researched and has a great turn of phrase. Sheldon tells stories brilliantly and is able to bring the dead back to life (figuratively speaking!)Justin Leslie

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