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Our Next Tour is Live!

by Sheldon

Hello everyone!

Here at the Cemetery Club mausoleum we’ve been busy sorting out events for the summer and we’re pleased to announce our next tour will be brand spanking new and will be around Hampstead Cemetery!


It’s a lovely place to have a stroll and you get a sense that in the 140-odd years that it’s been opened, its general look and maintenance hasn’t changed that much. It’s part of the second wave of cemeteries that opened after the likes of Highgate and Kensal Green – but more importantly, it has some remarkable people buried there whose stories have enthralled both me and Sam. It’s a different beat from Tower Hamlets – considerably less murder victims for starters.

The Horn player who memorised Mozart, for example – in the middle of concerts he didn’t have sheet music on his music stand, instead he had the latest copy of Autocar magazine as he was also a boy racer at heart. Then there’s the Tenor whose acting ability was a bit ropey, but had a voice that could call the Angels from Heaven. Then of course there’s a music hall star whose stardom is still known today and yes, naturally, I’ll be ending the tour with a song of hers (although perhaps another number than the one shown below!)

Of course, please feel free to Instagram/Facebook/Tweet/Fax whilst the tour is going on!

More tours are scheduled throughout the Summer but please book your tickets from the button below for a stroll around Hampstead Cemetery – every guest gets a free Cemetery Club badge!

We’d be thrilled to see you!


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