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Patti Smith Soundbite

by Christina

From time to time we’ll post clippings and extracts we’ve found that have nothing to do with our forays into Victorian graveyard life, but that are related to the point and premise of Cemetery Club.

What follows is an extract from a recent Simon Hattenstone interview with Patti Smith, published in the Guardian Weekend Magazine on 25 May.

Patti Smith

Patti Smith

You’re a  grave stalker, I say. She smiles. “No, I’m not a grave stalker. If I’m in a city or town and there’s somebody I like or an old friend, then I’ll visit their grave. Sometimes I photograph it, sometimes I just sit and contemplate their work or bring flowers. It’s proximity. It’s nice to visit where people are.”‘

I like that I’m not the only person out there who hangs out at graveyards, and that Patti Smith talks about it in interviews. I too have visited Elvis’s grave. Maybe that’s for a future Cemetery Club post?

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