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Picture Postcards from London and the World

by Christina

I collect picture postcards, and have a box stuffed full of them. I can’t visit a place without pillaging the gift shop afterwards for postcards galore, and free postcards at bars, cinemas and anywhere else free postcards might happen to be are impossible to resist.

Here are some vaguely Cemetery Club themed picture postcards I’ve collected in recent times, for your viewing pleasure.

Historical landmarks of London, and the world, as well as churches and curiosities from various corners of the planet.

CC Postcards_0010

Above: The inside of the Konstantin-Basilika in Trier, the oldest city in Germany.

CC Postcards_0011

Above: A scene from the Bayeux Tapestry, postcard bought in Bayeux in June 2013

CC Postcards_0007

Above: a free postcard to promote Stoneheart by Charlie Fletcher, October 2006

CC Postcards_0004

Above: Detail St Paul’s Cathedral by James Domine, bought in Covent Garden, London, July 2012 (Gallery One)

CC Postcards_0005

The Mausoleum Dulwich Picture Gallery by Ptolemy Dean (Watercolour Sketch). Postcard bought at Dulwich Picture Gallery, September 2012

CC Postcards_0013

Above: Luxembourg, Cathedrale Notre-Dame – Madonne des Deportes (1942-1945)

Bought at Luxembourg Cathedral, August 2013

CC Postcards_0012

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