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Queerly Departed

Beneath those endless rows of stones and tombs of Brompton are stories.

Fabulous stories.

The first cemetery event of the year is here! I am super-pleased to announce that finally Queerly Departed is now live.

QD Lo Res

The lovely Dan Gilbert from Brompton Cemetery got in touch with me a few months ago in regards to doing something out of the ordinary to get people engaged with the open-air cathedral and mentioned perhaps looking into the LGBTQ history of the cemetery – which is an area of research hitherto unexplored. I got straight on the phone to Sacha Coward to get him involved and together we have created something delicious.

Photo by Dan Vo, 2019

LGBT History Month is the perfect time to celebrate and research the gay long-gone and for this event we’ll be involving drag kings, queens, storytellers and performers to resurrect some of those lives from times gone by. The magnificent Virgin Xtravaganzah is our first announced artist; we have Our Lady on board – talk about a coup!

Virgin Xtravaganzah.jpg

The Holy Mother © Virgin Xtravaganzah 2019 

The event is free for all to attend on Saturday 23rd February 2019 at 1pm and 3:30pm (and all are welcome, regardless of gender and orientation) but do book your ticket to avoid disappointment!

This event hopes to be the first step in igniting a legacy within the local community to research, acknowledge and remember the gay history that is overlooked not just here, but in all of our cemeteries.

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