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So, Where Were We?

by Sheldon


Apologies to all Cemetery Club aficionados for the unexpected hiatus – the demands of the living consumed our passion for the dead (I had my final tour guiding assessment and Christina had the SE20 Craft Fair and Marathon to run). We’re back now, on what is just a few days after our anniversary! Focussed as ever on writing about the dead-space we find in our living environments, and we’re excited to bring you a development that we’ve had in the pipeline for a while.

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For the long term reader, you may have been following my Confessions of a Trainee Tour-Guide series, where I undertook a Diploma in training to be a Tour Guide in the City of Westminster. I wrote of my experiences – perhaps not as often as I’d have liked due to other commitments – but, after my final exam, a report on which shall come in the coming weeks, I am very proud to say I passed and am now a fully qualified City of Westminster Tour Guide!

Myself and Christina have been looking at ways in how to make the blog more than just something you’d read twice a week. We want to have a proactive role in Cemeteries, their maintenance and history. To act as the interpreter of these places, we both agreed that we’d have to reach out to people in an approach that involves more than words. Coinciding with becoming a Westminster Guide, we are now implementing a part of the blog we’ve been deliberating for a while – guided tours. I am offering all our readers (and those who are interested in) a guided tour of Brompton Cemetery!

Brompton is the Cemetery we keep coming back to time and time again, and it’s very close to our hearts. It was the first Cemetery that we visited, not to mention where that Montague fella is buried. I decided to design a walk that highlights the importance Brompton has, not only to London but to the nation – those interred include Monty’s dad, Sir John Fowler, an engineer only surpassed at the time by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, William Banting who truly created the Atkins diet and Emmeline Pankhurst, the celebrated Suffragette.

Details of the tour can be found on the Cemetery Club Eventbrite Page. The walk will take place on the 21st June at 13:00 – adult tickets at £10, whilst concessions are £8.

I do hope you’ll be able to join us for the exciting next stage in Cemetery Club!


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