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Standing On the Shoulders of Giants

How often have you heard Isaac Newton being called a bitch?

Imagine being at the forefront of scientific discovery, in an age where Kings help extinguish fires. Where your best mate is helping you rebuild the City of London. Chatting to an administrator-cum-diarist who buries his Cheese in the garden.

Oh, to be a Scientist in the late 17th Century.

It’s a time of discovery and research that set the stage for the modern world as we currently understand it. One man devoted his life to it; quite easily, he was England’s Leonardo Da Vinci. From Microscopes to Sash Windows, this man’s achievements have literally been removed from history. That is, until recently, where his true genius has started to be rediscovered.

This genius is Robert Hooke.


Now then. Ready your likes and favourites. Get ready to retweet and share. I’ve teamed up with Dr Alfredo Carpineti of The Astroholic for something completely different. We’ve both recorded and produced (with the marvellous Chris Jones as our video magician) a short documentary detailing the life of our little-known hero. His time in servitude galvanised him with a dogged work ethic, which meant he locked horns with one of the best known (and most precious) scientists of all time; Isaac Newton.

Alfredo and I recreate the passion, the fury and the fashion of one of history’s nastiest slanging matches in full graphic delight. Costumes! Green screens! A bloody annoying pneumatic drill! With myself as Isaac Newton, Russell Moul as Robert Hooke and Alfredo as Galileo!

Stay tuned for what is sure to be one of the historical and scientific high points of the last 20 years.

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