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T.V Spot: Cemetery Club on Inside Out This Monday 

by Sheldon

Great excitement indeed – ready your Sky boxes, iPlayers and what have you, as Monday 26th September sees myself and the fabulous Miss Sam Perrin walk through the graveyards of Kent and Sussex, showing presenter Natalie Graham some of the most interesting, touching and memorable people we’ve had the chance to research.

It was a massively fun project to do – neither I nor Sam had really ventured ‘down South’ before for history research but as the blog firmly lives for, we found tales of people who’ve lived, loved, laughed and cried – so tune in and see us in action – makes a change from blog posts!

Inside Out South East, this Monday at 7:30pm 

#Slavery #interview #Abandoned #Comedian #InsideOut #Feminist #Graves #Television #Police #BBC #Jewish

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