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Your Digital Legacy

by Sheldon

  1. Although a third of British adults (32%) think about dying and death at least once a week, 72% of the public believe that people in Britain are uncomfortable discussing dying, death and bereavement.


Hopefully, this statistic will be challenged with the exciting announcement that I will be speaking as part of the 1st Annual Digital Legacy Conference! The conference will take place at University College London Partners (UCLP) on Saturday 23rd May 2015. It will bring together a range of academics and business professionals to help address areas relating to death and dying in today’s ever increasingly digitised world.

Here at Cemetery Club we’ve often written about lives long lost and even touched upon the subject when someone we know passes away; leaving behind a rich resource of social media that is far more accessible as a place of remembrance than a grave in a traditional cemetery. With this in mind, are ‘dead’ social media profiles becoming the new cemeteries? My talk aims to examine this shift in focus and explore whether the traditional cemeteries days are numbered.


The Digital Legacy Conference is being organised by the end of life and digital legacy resource hub, DeadSocial. Confirmed speakers range from practicing experts in law and end of life care to technologists and PHD students. Topics addressed include:

  1. The world ‘before the birth of Facebook’ (before Facebook/ BFB)

  2. Digital legacy

  3. Digital grief

  4. Utilising technology to deal with death

  5. Digital memory loss

  6. Death in today’s digital world

  7. MND, communication and digital legacy

  8. Funeral streaming

  9. UK Laws around digital assets and digital legacy

  10. Preparing for our own digital death

The Digital Legacy Conference is one of the events happening as part of this year’s Dying Matters Awareness Week. Dying Matters is a national coalition with a strong focus on people talking about dying, death, bereavement and making plans for their end of life.

Tickets to the conference are free and can be attained at

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